Parents and community stakeholders got together for the 6th and last Advocacy Forum of the Fit for Life EU-Project on Sunday after the very successful Children Circus Festival. In the meeting the stakeholders discussed how do we sustain the future activities with the children at the Babawatoto Children and Youth centre.

The community praised the results of the project and mentioned the positive impacts it has on the children. The improved skills, good behavior and sense of responsibilities of the children were among the positive results observed by the parents.
Habiba Issa, the project manager and Alfayo Wangwe, deputy director of the centre, facilitated the forum. Also the parent’s committee, which was founded on the 4th Advocacy Forum, November 20th, 2015 contributed their thoughts, suggestions and motivated the participants of the forum to support the Babawatoto Centre.

Parents of the community agreed to pay TZS 5.000 as a monthly contribution of  to the centre to keep the training courses up. Shukuru Abdallah, chairman of the parent’s community, will make sure to collect the money. He will also pursue schools within the area to order uniforms with the sewing group of Babawatoto to insure some income.

The German partners from Berlin and the director of the Goethe-Institut, the German cultural centre in Tanzania emphasized the importance of the community support in order to look for further support outside.