Advocacy fora and seminars

The local project team regularly invites partners, media representatives, artists and local representatives for a round table forum.

5th Advocacy Forum – Results
January 01, 2016
Babawatoto Centre

Over 70 parents and community leaders attended the 5th Advocacy Forum held at the Babawoto Centre. This shows the high interest and acceptance of the Fit for Life programme. They discussed the sustainability of the activities after the EU-project ends on February 29, 2016. A monthly contribution was decided and the parents committee was put in charge to work on brought up issues.

Challenges which were discussed are:

  • Number of the children who attend the classes and workshops are smaller compared to the number of children still hanging around in the streets
  • The parents attendance for community performances are small
  • The communication between parents and the centre staff is not strong
  • No direct support to the centre from the community/parents

Things which were agreed upon:

  • Every parent should bring his/her children to the centre
  • Two boys volunteered to announce/remind the Babawatoto events to every parent in the community
  • Mr. Mloka agreed to help teaching the sewing class as a trainer for free
  • The community and parents are ready to support the centre and children

4th Advocacy Forum at Babawatoto Centre
November 20, 2015
Babawatoto Centre

The Fourth Advocacy Forum has elected a Parent Committee on the 20th November 2015.
The committee has eight members of which six persons are from the Mburahati community and two employees from Babawatoto center.
The names and titles of the committee members are Shukuru Abdallah (chairman), Said Ally Mkaliage (deputy chairperson), Nusura Baharam Rahdadi (secretary), Subira Said, Fatuma Abdallah, Mariam Muhando as members, and Nelson John, the accountant.
One of the key tasks the committee has agreed to deal with is to kick start a sewing project to help generate income through the production of school uniforms and bags. Whereas Swaumu’s mother Fatuma Abdallah has promised to find a market for large uniform orders in and around Mburahati. On the other side Mr. Said Mkaliage has committed to teach the group how to sew school bags.
With 68 persons attending the forum this time shows the increasing trust and collaboration between the community and center’s staff.
Habiba, the project manager said: “This is the big step to the project that to have a parent committee which will take of the centre to make sure the children and youth of Mburahati will enjoy the offer that Babawatoto centre give”…….

3rd Advocacy Forum at Babawatoto Centre
Friday, February 06, 2015
Babawatoto Centre

The following issues has been discussed with parents, relatives and local leaders:

  • children dropping out of training classes
  • new children and youth coming arts and crafts workshops.

2nd Advocacy in 2014
Friday, April 11, 2014
1.55 – 4.30pm
Babawatoto Centre


1. Advocacy Forum
Friday, September 28, 2013
1.30 – 4pm
Babawatoto Centre

advocacy_forum_01 advocacy_forum_03 advocacy_forum_04 advocacy_forum_02 advocacy_forum_05
People from the community were informed about the purposes and aims of the Fit for Life Project, see presentations and share ideas in discussions together.