The BIG WHEEL Workshops

The enhancement of pre-existing skills and capabilities is essential for the FIT FOR LIFE project and a central aspect to the activities that comprise The Big Wheel workshops.

International Trainers: 2015





June 2015 / Generously support by the GERMAN FOREIGN MINISTY







The final presentation of the third “Big Wheel”, the international training workshop at Babawatoto Centre, took place at the Bubu Grounds in Mburahati in the afternoon of Friday, 19 June 2015. After three weeks of intensive training in acrobatics, trapeze, juggling and Samba Reggae music with three trainers from Germany and two from Cambodia the children and youth outdid themselves in front of an audience of more than 1000 people. The parents, key partners of the Babawatoto Centre, stakeholders and the residents of Mburahati were impressed by the improvements of the performers. Hon. Songoro H. Mnyonge, Deputy Mayor of Ilala was present to support the Babawatoto Centre and the project.


International Trainers: 2014



July 2014

Advanced skills according to the new technics they were taught during the last three weeks impressed a big audience of about 800 people all ages including parents, key partners of the Babawatoto Centre and other stakeholders.

June 16 – July 04, 2014
at Babawatoto Centre, Mburahati – Dar es Salaam

The second Big Wheel Workshop is running already for one week with further educational training for the Babawatoto trainers. The international training team: Manni Spaniol and Sara Ullrich for Samba-Reggae-Percussion; Det Khuon and Saliou Bangoura for Acrobatic and Juggling; and Kati Wolf for Trapeze. The focus of the this year’s training is to enhance the trainers’ capacities in teaching methods, physical and musical training technics. During the third week the local trainers will be coached by the international trainers while they are practising training sessions for beginners with the younger participants of the regular workshops provided weekly in the Babawatoto Centre.
Training guidelines will be published soon.

FIRST BIG WHEEL June 10 – 28, 2013
Final Presentation of the 1. International Workshop encounter THE BIG WHEEL

Friday, June 28, 2013, 4 pm
Venue: Mburahati kwa Jongo, Kasumi Ground (Open Air)

More than 50 kids and youngsters from Mburahati participated together with the local trainers from the Babawatoto Centre led by an international artist-team from Germany, France and Cambodia. Basic and advanced training programmes in Samba Reggae Percussion, acrobatics and trapeze were facilitated during this last three weeks.

BIG WHEEL: Unpacking event
Monday, June 10, 2013
Venue: Babawatoto Centre, Mburahati

At the very first day of the workshop period, more than 60 children and youngsters appeared to participate on the courses of acrobatics, trapeze, jonglage and percussion. The percussion team unpacked the new drum sets with enthusiasm. Even some youngsters of the “first generation” in Babawatoto Centre showed up.

BIG WHEEL: The Acrobatics
Monday, June 10, 2013
Venue: Babawatoto Centre, Mburahati

During the three weeks workshop all kids learn the bases of floor and partner acrobatics.

BIG WHEEL: Samba Reggae Percussion
Monday, June 10, 2013
Venue: Babawatoto Centre, Mburahati

In 2011 a first samba reggae workshop as a pilot project took place in Babawatoto Centre. Based on this curriculum the Big Wheel Workshop started. With warm-up exercises and beat skills practices all participants gathered in the mornings. Also some arrangements with the instruments have been rehearsed. In the afternoons the international workshop conductors and the co-trainers met to discuss further subjects, methods and practice of teaching.

BIG WHEEL: Trapeze
Monday, June 10, 2013
Venue: Babawatoto Centre, Mburahati

After some days improvised in the trees we can use our brand new structure… Everybody is proud to show newly learned skills on the trapeze. Last day, what a nice set-up for our show….drums and acrobatics ahead!

The BIG WHEEL Project Launch
Monday, June 10, 2013
Venue: Babawatoto Centre, Mburahati

Finally the Big Wheel workshop has has started today on 10th of June 2013. This three-week workshop (10.-28. June 2013) is part of the EU-project FIT FOR LIFE – Educating vulnerable youngsters in the arts and creative industries in Dar es Salaam. It is a project that will run for 3 years.